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Out of State Speeding Ticket: Will I Get Points on My Driver’s License?

Out of State Speeding Ticket

Often times, people are a little nervous when driving their vehicles in a state that is not the one they are living in. The lights, signs, and laws can be different. There are many pieces of information that will help people be more relaxed in these situations. First, know that your car insurance policy, if it is valid in the state you are living in, will rise to the minimum limits of the coverage of the state you are driving in even if those minimum limits are higher or include additional types of insurance. Some people do have questions about whether or not things that happen in another state will affect their car insurance in their own state. This includes questions about people's driving records. When you get a ticket, you may wonder if your home state will apply the points you receive for the out-of-state ticket you have received. Each state has different rules and regulations, as well as laws in relation to automobile insurance and the violations people can get.

How A Ticket Follows You Home

Sometimes a speeding ticket will not follow you home, particularly if it is not recorded by your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles or DMV. This is generally applicable to simple speeding tickets, and the violations would not carry any points in this case. That, however, will change if you have been charged with additional violations on the ticket. As an example, if you are charged with a drug-related violation or an alcohol-related violation, you may face points. In addition, for these violations, you may find yourself with a revoked or suspended driver's license for up to six months or more. Drinking and driving is very dangerous and states work hard to prevent people from doing it.

If your points do end up being recorded, which they will in many cases, your state could still assign points. Sometimes these points are higher and lower than the number of points you would receive in the state where the violation occurred. If you are in a state that has an agreement with the state you are driving in, you can quickly and easily learn the specific rules regarding speeding violations in both. Some states will suspend a person’s driver’s license if the driver with the violation fails to answer the ticket received in any other state. 

What Happens When You Get An Out Of State Speeding Ticket

If you are pulled over or get into an accident in another state and receive a ticket, you should research the process for following up. First, contact your own states DMV to determine what the rules are regarding license suspension, the point system, and other auto-related things like automobile insurance. By asking questions, you can get the information you need about whether your insurance rates will rise, what you need to do regarding the points, and how this will affect your ability to drive legally. Follow the recommended steps provided by your DMV to address the out-of-state violations. You want to answer the ticket by the deadline on it, following the instructions completely. By responding to the ticket professionally and promptly, you can avoid facing more fines, fees, and other penalties in your home state.

What To Do If You Get A Speeding Ticket Out Of State

Make sure to take care of the ticket as quickly as possible before the deadline occurs. By successfully responding to your ticket, you can avoid fines, fees, and penalties in your home state. Having to pay two sets of penalties in two different states is avoidable

when taking the proper steps.

How Out-of-State Tickets Affect Car Insurance Rates

Keep in mind that out-of-state tickets will affect your automobile insurance where you live. Those with more points on their driver's license are considered riskier to car insurance companies and therefore pay higher rates overall. There are numerous ways to save money on auto insurance plans, including seeking out discounts, changing your deductible, and comparison-shopping from multiple companies. You can also save money by working on improving your driving record by avoiding violations. Over time, the violations you have will drop off of your driving record.

Final Notes

While there are numerous ways to save money, including bundling discounts, good student discounts, safety feature discounts, and others, there are a few ways for people to save even more. Focus on keeping your driving record clean, look into other discounts like pay in full discounts, and comparison-shop for the top car insurance rates available. Use the free quote tools here to compare prices for car insurance from multiple companies. Each company uses a different formula to determine what a driver will pay for their plan, and you can utilize comparison-shopping to save the most money possible here.


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